We are always on a lookout for ways to save money but that does not always come in a traditional way. Receipt hog

Receipt hog is a perfect example of this mode of thinking. How beautiful is to get money back from something you are already planning on buying. Build up your points into cash back through pay pal or gift cards depending on your goals.

Please enjoy the video we have created showing how easy it is to take 30 seconds to scan your receipts to build up points to redeem at a later date. This is by no means a way to get rich but sure is nice to be able to receive a small bonus here or there. 

You can visit the receipt hog website here and download the app to your device from the app store. We would love to hear about your experiences and look forward to bringing you more apps that help you save and thrive where you can .

Please let us know in the comments if you have any other apps that you want us to review, and as always like, share and subscribe so you can see all of  our new content as it is uploaded.

Update… Receipt hog no longer accepts referrals for inviting friends.

By George

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